Water Conservation

Water is a very precious resource and while we have plenty of it here in Canada, there will come a time when the availability of water will decrease as the expense to supply same will increase.  The average Canadian home uses a significant amount of water to meet their annual needs.

Through the use of many low flow fixtures, products and technologies, CSV and their residents will realize significant savings of water, energy and money.

One such example is the Proficiency, a 3 liter flush toilet, where over 1.2 million liters of water will be saved at CSV on an annual basis (compared to a 4.8 liter flush toilet required by code), along with the power used to pump and chemicals used to treat this water. 

In fact, irrigation of lawn and gardens uses 55% of all the water used annually.  Through the use of Drought Tolerant Turf Grasses, no irrigation will be required for the lawns once established.  Rain water harvesting and recycled treated water will be utilized for any irrigation needs, including the entrance, the clubhouse games area, and gardens.

Additional products and features will be added to this list as contracts are confirmed.