Paul Barnett, Partner/Executive Producer of NGHTV, has made several trips to Brant County to learn more about the area and to gain a better understanding of our goals, objectives and the innovative approaches to Creek Side Village.  He is particularly interested in initiatives that benefit the environment, water & energy conservation along with the healthy and active lifestyle that we will bring to our future residents.  

NGHTV is a forward-thinking company who have developed their own program and criteria, to encourage developers / builders who will be “Building the Homes of Tomorrow Today.”  Only homes and developments that meet this strict criteria can receive the endorsement of NGHTV. 

After a great deal of research, Paul Barnett and Next Generation Homes TV have committed to feature Creek Side Village in a new NGHTV series called “First to the Future.”  This series is scheduled to start production in 2017. 

Next Generations Home TV is a very progressive network who look to identify and brand the top developments and homes in North America.  NGHTV began producing projects in partnership with Bob Vila, formerly of the “This Old House” PBS series in 2001 and has developed an international reputation, as the place to see and experience the “next” in next generation stories about the North American home and developments.