CSV and the Environment

Creek Side Village has been developed with the utmost concern for environmental conservation and sustainability. The homes, the infrastructure, and the overall development have been designed right from the beginning to focus on Low Impact Development and minimizing the community's impact on the surrounding wilderness. From how run-off water is managed and re-introduced to the local ecosystem, to the selection of exterior lighting that reduces light pollution and  lessening the effects on migrating birds, Creek Side Village is truly designed to minimize our footprint on the environment.

By considering the environmental impact as a cornerstone of the design process, and integrating the latest in technology and environmentally friendly development strategies, Creek Side Village promotes the lifestyle you want, in a way that sustainably minimizes the effects on our natural surroundings.

Below are a number of the initiatives integrated into Creek Side Village, encompassing the consideration of water, light and accessibility, in ways that will serve residents and the local flora and fauna alike.