LED Lighting (In-Home)

An HRV not only improves air quality and health within the home, it reduces energy cost for heating and cooling through the use of a heat exchanger.  This results in energy savings and the reduction of monthly expenses.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV)

Dimming LED Street Light - Dark Skies Compliant

The Power-Pipe installs in a vertical plumbing drain stack, recovering heat energy from draining water to warm an incoming cold water supply. As liquid drains, it clings to the inner surface of the copper pipe due to surface tension; part of the draining water's thermal energy is transferred to incoming water line (squared copper for maximum contact area) coiled around the stack. The energy savings potential can be significant, particularly in residential applications by reducing the energy required to heat water by up to 25%.  This reduces the monthly expenses but also the energy used, and greenhouse gases.

Walkable Community

Smart Home Technology

This 3 liter flush toilet will realize a savings of 1.3M litres of water per year at Creek Side Village over a conventional 4.8 liter flush toilet that is now required by code. The savings in water alone is significant, not to mention that by not having to pump 1.3 million liters of water throughout the development, not only do we conserve the massive amount of water but also the energy that would be used to:

  • pump the water out of the ground
  • treat that water with chlorine,
  • pump it around the development to each home, then
  • pump it back to the Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • treat the water and
  • pump it into the drain.

This results in a significant reduction in energy use, greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.

Energy Conservation

Power Stack

Located throughout the basement and main floor, in floor heating provides superior comfort and the following benefits:

  • 40 to 60 percent more efficient

                  i. Reduction in energy used and pollution create

                 ii. Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

  • Health issues that benefit from radiant hot water in floor heating

                  i. Osteoarthritis
                 ii. Rheumatoid Arthritis
                iii. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
                iv. Asthma
                 v. Allergies

In-Floor Radiant Hot Water Heating

​Through the use of Smart Home Technology, CSV homes will be more comfortable and provide a greater sense of security.  By having lights, air conditioning and heating on only when required, energy savings will be realized.  However more important is the safety and sense of well being that it can produce where the real human value can be achieved.

There is no need for anyone to have to come home to a dark quiet home.  With the smart technology, when you push your garage door opener, not only does the garage door open but your exterior, hallway and kitchen lighting comes on as well as your favourite radio station, all to welcome you home.

More important is the safety it can provide when someone has to get up at night, with the press of a bedside switch, your bedroom, bathroom, hallway and kitchen lighting will illuminate to 5% giving you sufficient lighting to go to the washroom, the kitchen for a drink and medications, back to your bed where another push of the button will return your rooms to darkness in 10 seconds.  This is important to assist in fall prevention that can lead to serious injuries.

Electrochromic Glass

Proficiency Toilet

CSV is a very walkable community.  Being close to the town core (only .8 KM) and a short walk to the Clubhouse will not only encourage walking, a healthy activity, but will also reduce the number of car trips for some shopping, social activities, gym, swimming pool, etc.

A leader in building innovation, View Inc. is the first company to successfully advance the large-scale commercialization of dynamic glass. Situated at the intersection of human wellness, smart connectivity, and energy efficiency, View manufactures View Dynamic Glass, a new generation of architectural glass that intelligently transitions through multiple tint states to control the sun’s energy, providing an enhanced occupant experience, optimum natural light and superior thermal comfort. The residents of Creek Side Village will realize health benefits, increased comfort and cost savings through the reduction of energy consumption.

View has completed over 350 commercial installations, with another 150 in progress.

Conservation is the cleanest and least costly energy resource, and offers consumers a means to reduce their monthly bills. At CSV, Our objective is to provide the greatest comfort to the homeowners by using advanced technologies that will protect and conserve water, conserve energy, reduce our carbon footprint and responsibly integrate with our natural habitat.

We have conducted a great deal of research and have committed to incorporate energy savings products that make sense and add value to our development and homes.  The search continues.  Here are a few products and initiatives that will provide superior performance. 

Our street lighting will focus directly on the streets and parking areas that is meant to be lite.

  • LED street lighting reduces energy consumption by approximately 75% over conventional HPS lighting
  • Dimming lighting from midnight to 6 am will further reduce our energy consumption for street lighting by another 25%.
  • Provides for healthier living for humans and wildlife alike.  No stray light in your bedroom or into the conservation areas.
  • No upward light means darker skies for your enjoyment.
  • Reduces energy consumption, pollution, greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.​

In an effort to keep monthly Clubhouse maintenance fees to a minimum and to be environmentally responsible, CSV will reduce its power requirements for operations through the use of solar energy.  By generating electricity and heating water through solar panels.

​Home and Interior lighting will be 4000K daylight lights.  They provide better contrast and lighting for seniors, permitting home owners, especially the elderly to see much better.  LED lighting require less maintenance, use less energy, less fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gases.  All home lighting will also be Dark Skies Compliant.​

Solar Energy Generation