Membrane Bioreactor Waste Water Treatment Plant

A NewTerra Microclear Membrane BioReactor (MBR) has been chosen to handle the wastewater needs of our community.  This system is state of the art and meets or exceeds the requirements of the Municipality and the Ministry of Environment.  Waste is delivered from each house to the treatment plant through a network of sewer pipes.  The use of natural grading will permit the majority flow of wastewater through the use of gravity, thereby reducing the power required to move the waste. 

The NewTerra Waste Water Treatment Plant:

is the best available technology, using Ultra High Filtration
results in a clean water output with reduced nitrates and phosphorus
is accepted by the MOE in Ontario, in Canada and around the World

As a licenced operator, Newterra also remotely monitors (7/24) and records all data concerning the MBR to ensure compliance with all regulations and to ensure peak operations of the unit at all times.