Doctor Jennifer Drake is Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto and is cross-appointed with the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. She holds a Masters of Applied Science and Doctorate in Philosophy in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Guelph and a Bachelors of Engineering and Society from McMaster University. Doctor Drake’s research interests are directed towards Low Impact Development (LID), stormwater systems, watershed planning, urban water security and wet weather policy. Doctor Drake is a co-researcher with the Green Roof Innovation Testing laboratory and teaches hydrology, hydraulics and water resource engineering.

Doctor Drake is an expert in the field of Low Impact Development and has conducted research throughout North America with long term focus on the Kortright Center in Toronto.  Doctor Drake and her team are conducting research and evaluating the effects of Low Impact Development systems and the impact on receiving water systems, before, during and after Construction at Creek Side Village.

This study is the first of its kind in Canada and will be used to verify and improve the effectiveness of Low Impact Development techniques.  The goal is to establish a water balancing formula for LID.  The Data produced will be used to standardize engineering design criteria, maintenance protocols and a more accurate means of accounting for total LID operational costs and environmental benefits.

This cooperation and research will ensure accountability, a quality product while benefiting the Environment, Government Agencies and Regulatory Bodies and Industry alike.

University of Toronto Research

Creek Side Village looks to build a better development and homes that will improve the quality of life for our residents, benefit the environment and improve future standards. This can only be realized when cooperation exists between developers, builders, researchers, industry and all levels of government agencies.

To pursue this goal Creek Side Village will be pursuing a research opportunities with Prof. Jennifer Drake in 2017. Dr. Drake’s research team specializes in innovative stormwater management systems, low impact development (LID) and watershed planning. Dr. Drake’s group studies the performance of stormwater technologies including permeable pavements, green roofs and rain gardens.

In 2016 students from the University of Toronto visited the Creek Side Village and Whiteman’s Creek to examine pre-development conditions within the creek and to identify potential monitoring sites.  Creek Side Village, Doctor Jennifer Drake, and the University of Toronto have entered into a collaboration agreement to conduct extensive research before, during and after construction.